March 3: right brain left brain

After thirty years it’s finally come round. The realization that the right brain left brain stuff is mostly bollocks. You remember how they said things like that if you get to an appointment early you are analytical and if you get there late you are creative. And there was me thinking you were just bad-mannered. Maybe that’s a creative act too. Well, apparently, as I heard on Radio 5 Live yesterday, it’s not that simple. The brain is a bit more complicated.

Of course, not being a brain surgeon, I never had any proper authority to speak on that matter. But the real issue for me has always been the word creative. In many ways Shakespeare, whose working method of collecting and collating major sources as well as interpolating bits and bobs of fragments and vocabulary he had heard around town or in official or non-official documents,  seems to have been that of a magpie. One might easily see this as a civil-servantish, mostly analytical working method. Anyway, now the secret’s out. Right brain left brain was bollocks anyway, notwithstanding how you define creative and analytical.

I don’t know if I’m happy or not that the thing I’ve been ranting about for twenty years has suddenly dispersed in air, into thin air, as Shakespeare that faceless analytical pen-pusher would have said. I suppose I’ll find other things to fret over.

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