February 25: the golden key

Ever feel that you have entrusted all your hopes to the person least equipped to shoulder them? That it is like handing a key to a man with advanced Alzheimers and saying: Here is the golden key. It is very precious. Put it somewhere private where only you know it is and when somebody asks you for it don’t give it to them, but when I ask for it hand it over to me. Do you think you can remember that?…About the golden key… That’s right, the key that I’ll be giving you… The one that you have to look after for me… The golden key… The golden one… No, it’s a key… The one I’ll give you… No, you have to look after it… No, you mustn’t give it to anyone else… It’s a key…  That’s for you to hold onto… In a secret place… No, not on the table…  Somewhere secret… Golden, like gold, gold coloured…







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