May 8: nobody knows any better

I, of course, know none of the facts. The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues with its steamrollered coverage. I do not know who abused who and in what proportion. The coverage, however, seems massively to favour Mr Depp. Out of curiosity you click onto a news item titled Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Owns Amber Heard or Johnny Depp Has the Court Laughing Along with Him. When you watch you are at pains to connect the headline with the video. On the comments under the video all-comers seem to agree with the headline.

This understanding that people are so easily led by the noses was borne out last week at the Royal Festival Hall concert of Mitsuko Uchida, the renowned pianist, and particularly Mozart interpreter. It seemed to me she created a terrible hash of the Fantaisia in D minor. Just my opinion of course. But seemingly everyone else in the hall were up on their feet in an act of cult reverence.

Viewing both Johnny Depp coverage and Mitsuko Uchida reverence my conclusion is, just make your own mind up, nodody else knows any better.

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