December 24: birthday progress

Today, Christmas Eve, is my birthday. It is low key, as it has always tended to be, being the day before the winter feast. I am happier in media res than on a bank looking at the rushing stream, or, rather, meandering trickle. The other day, through the efficient business of astrology, I learned more about my character. It said I ride roughshod over other people sometimes, due I think to my moon being in Libra. This was the first time this had been suggested to me. Normally they tell me my moon is at home in Libra, whatever that means. Astrology, despite being nonsense, suggests things to you, and once they have occurred to you, you think about it and sometimes locate that element in your behaviour. Because I can ride roughshod. In fact, I did it the other day in a card shop where we were buying wrapping paper. We couldn’st decide between a red one and an ivory coloured one with mistletoe on it. We asked an elderly gentleman what he thouight. I can’t remember what hi opinion was because we didn’t want it really, just a chat. In the ensuing conversation we used the word misconstrue and then looked for its noun and came up with the word misconstrual. The elderley gentleman, in his half of the converstaion, came up with the word misconstruction. I need to check which one is right. And then, trying to move the converation on, I did my roughshod work and said. you’ve got a rubbuish card there to him. He didn’t seem too offended and there was a little conversation about the dogs on the card. It was for his grandchildren, I think. What I am trying to do is hurry a conversation into a more interesting zone, so I admit I can sometimes jog it on a bit by pulling on the equine bit of the vehicle. Sometimes the horse neighs in pain and my intention is misconstrued (the verb is right). This time it passed off without rub. Still, nice to see there is progress in my understanding of my personality.

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