March 25: do nothing

Teenagers and others are confused. What you must not do is anything. What you must do is nothing. They have suddenly been let out of existential prison. As for the grown-ups? All the rushing around on public transport or in cars; the saving of one earth minute by pushing into a crowded tube train; the nipping out to Pret-a-Manger for that tasteless sandwich; the stops-off for coffee in plastic cups; that way of walking in the street with a goblet out in front of you like some beast of burden, a boastful participation in the consumerist edifice; the endless whirr of office machinery; . It is all starting to look like mauvaise foi, self-deception, the key notion of the existentialist, just so much stuff to tell yourself you’re alive, though you aren’t really. Now, the new dynasty. Personal projects that were meant to never happen can now take place. Reading. Dominoes. It only takes a week for our world to look like a distant and random memory. Dominoes have more reality than an Excel spread sheet. I suppose we will continue to refer to the world of complex human relations in our reading and conversation, though that world has now been squared-off from us. We have retreated into a cloister to consider what once was. When we come out of our cloister will we look again at that world of ours and not believe it so much anymore?

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