March 22: pie, leeks and weather

When you are in lock-down food comes to the fore. Yesterday we had pie. Chicken and leek pie was the one we put our virus faith into. In recent  weeks I have seen much super market action concerning  leeks. A man with a basket full of leeks seeing the queue at the checkout furiously throwing the basket down and storming out. I saw whole bucketsfull of leeks in our local little shop but when I went to buy them they had vanished, snapped up. Soup is important in these hard times. Whole cloves of garlic melted into the liquid to sustain the struggling human mechanism. Suddenly no-one is interested in the weather. From it being my favourite programme, it is now irelevant. Weather was always the most relevant of shows. My betrayal is total. I turn off  the weather. For me, this is a first. Normally  I dash from channel to channel, looking for the various forms of non-committal pronouncement. Now I can’t be bothered. What was this love affair I had with weather forecasts and will it ever return.

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