May 9: a baluchon of anxities

In French they have the word ‘baluchon’ for that little pack of belongings on a stick that Dick Whittington had when he arrived in London with his cat. We all have a baluchon of anxieties that we lug around with us. Whether there is anything to worry about or not, we have a specific amount of anxiety that we spread around to whatever is available. If you have nothing else to worry about you worry about your breakfast cereal. The important thing is that you use all the contents of your baluchon. We also have a baluchon of power.Whether we have any power or not, each person has their alloted amount they must use. If you are somebody with no prestige and power you might use your baluchon-worth by bullying your partner for scratching their ear, or, if you are Dick Whittington, you may use it on the cat. The baluchon, your particular and individual baluchon, has to be used up every day. If there is some anxiety or power left in your baluchon at the end of the day, they turn their forces onto you and gnaw you from the inside.

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