November 23: vivien leigh in the chip shop

The difference between a television star and a film star is in the access; the frequency of our glimpse is key. The film star lives or dies by his/her lower periodicity count; they must be rarefied creatures. He or she must be a fugitive presence on a flickering screen. This is why having Twitter accounts really shouldn’t be part of their activities. Or maybe the world of the television star and the cinema star have now melted into each other. Netflix would back this up.  What then is lost is the notion of the rare sighting of the rarefied beast. The mysterious traces of a Salinger or a Samuel Beckett. Omniverous media now make the pleasures of discretion an impossibility. Everyone is expected to jump into the dirt pit and fight for their gloire. Any writer is expected to have a Twitter account to pronounce his or her presence all the time. We have eschewed the delights of the intermittent trace. We really shouldn’t want to see Vivien Leigh in the chip shop.

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