November 22: last night’s dinner

Last night I had a modular meal, as is my wont these days. I started with some popcorn and fizzy water; next it was an omelette (two eggs) with orange juice and sugar on it as though it was a pancake; then some blocks of cucumber; then a few lebkuchen form the packet and finally an apple. I managed to keep my hand out of the Quality Street tin. I have put the Quality Street tin on the other side of the kitchen under the bread basket where it doesn’t catch my eye. What do you think? In the modular meal you are calibrating as you go along. I hadn’t had enough fruit and veg by the time I finished the lebkuchen which explained the apple. I have become adverse to the full plate of meat and two veg plus gravy or sauce. I am against the glutinous agglomerate as meal these days. I look at it and my appetite goes. A twisted face of food confronting you from a big plate. No. Like with human relations, I prefer to deal with it all incrementally, as I go along.

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