December 21: mushroom thoughts for christmas

According to James Wong in a useful Christmas present book about the relative goodness found in various types of fruit and vegetable, if you leave a mushroom in the light for a few hours before cooking the poor devil, its vitamin-yield will increase by 300% (I think this was it). And yet, I think to myself, the humble mushroom seeketh the dark, the obscure woods, the Brothers Grimm forest floor where light never penetrates the thick canopy of foliage. Therein lies all the Romantic literature and philosophy of the West. We value in the other one thing, but the other values the opposite. All unhappiness is there. Our uniqueness is our tragedy. Of course, it is a more complex metaphor than that. The humble mushroom must needs seek the dark, for too much exposure to the light will prematurely wither and corrupt it. More metaphors for life. We flourish in the spotlight but over-exposure will be our undoing. Like the humble mushroom, temper introversion with your extroversion. What else can we say? Heinz Cream of Mushroom soup is one of the classic soups of the range. When picked, cooked, processed, canned and stored, the mushroom continues to give. Mmmmm. More food for thought.

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