December 19: a tip from less of mind

At this darkest time of the year a snippet of merry advice from the usually morose Mr What he does to change the colour of his life is simple but effective. Change your words! The streets you trundle down can become so monotonous. If Mr has to use the word Vauxhall one more time (it is his local tube station) he will lose the will to go on, so now he calls it Vauxinghall, as though it were an equestrian activity. He bought a tin of cornered beef this morning in Tescoid. He is now on the Interiornet and will later get the bus to the Western End and get the 59 bus back from Uselesston station. Try it. Change your words and the head will follow. This and more can be found in the Less of Mind collection from all Peoplerubbishington suppliers and purveyors.

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