March 7 new dreams

Last night I had a significant variation on a recurrent dream motif. In dreams I am often trying to dial a number but constantly missing my finger aim on the old style phone dial and so never getting to the end of the number to contact whoever it is at the end of the line, whatever shadowy figure half beast half human who represents the preoccupation of the moment or of a moment summoned up from my primeval past. I make countless attempts to dial the number but will always wake up before succeeding.

In last night’s reworking of this recurrent moment I am in possession of a mobile phone (dream iconography upgrade), but the key pad has diminished to just the top line 1,2,3, so that when last night I was trying to dial 999 it couldn’t work because there were no nines on the phone pad. I am now deeply integrated into technology. It inhabits my unconscious.

The other tiny issue that bothered me in the dream was that I only had 24p of credit left and I didn’t want to be cut off half way through my conversation with the police. They might do me for wasting police time. Lesson learnt; I put some credit on my phone this morning.

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