March 18 bbc

Red Nose Day a couple of days ago and the continuation of the remorseless self-fetichisation perpetrated by the BBC upon itself. I spend the evening avoiding all BBC outlets. I have nothing against charity but am not interested in various BBC hangers-on making dull exhibition of themselves in roles for which they have no discernable talent. I had always presumed they did it for free. I hear that might not even be true in some cases. It could be that I am rubbish for worrying about celebrities rather than celebrating the fact that money is raised for good causes.

Another BBC complaint: their obsession with so-called packages. Guests are invited to give their opinions but no-one can explore any issue because of constant trailing and mini-films exploring in slow motion (if it is sport, reshowing a goal or a race or a try with staccato imagery or in such a way that you can’t see it properly anyway). There’s no time left for the guests. More fetichising.

The Six O’clock News. Headlines.: The pound drops to a  four year low against the dollar! Picture of a graph and a grimacing pound heading downhill. Cue the newsreader: The pound sank to a new four year low against the dollar today. Cut to a reporter standing outside the Bank of England: So, Dermott, the pound sank to a four year low today. That’s right, Fiona. the pound sank to a new four year low today. It dropped one dollar 32 or whatever, which is the lowest against the dollar since March 2009 or whatever. Which represents a four year low. Back to the studio. Dermott’s in there with Fiona now. So, says Fiona, the pound sank today. Yes, says Dermott. It’s a four year low against the dollar. A couple more sentences. Then back to Fiona. Fiona swings her seat round for camera one. Thank you, Dermott. Dermott Whatsisname there with news of the pound sinking to a new four year low. And it’s not over there because half way throough the News we get the headines again and the revelation that the pound has dropped to a new four year low against the dollar. Arrrrgggghhhh!

One thought on “March 18 bbc

  1. Hi Paul, I like your new blog. You’re right, people can be pretty rubbish. I think, though, that the above post tells us more about television than people. I have lived without a TV for the last 8 years. I’ve never missed it. Free yourself from Comic Relief, The Six O’Clock News, and other endless garbage. Television is rubbish.

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