September 25: the lost world

I watched The Lost World on the telly the other day. This was the 1960 version of the H G Wells novel with Michael Rennie and Jill St John. I remember watching this as a child and how impressed I had been with the simulation of a dinosaur battle between a Tyranosaurus Rex and a Tricerotops (is that the name?). Revisiting it, I saw that the two dinosaurs were actually two little lizards scrapping in a miniaturised landscape. Another thing that struck me were the awful outdated attitudes to women and foreigners. Of the two women in the film, one was a primitive sexy indigeonous type, the other a sophisticated American who, we were told was tough as a man but actually broke down and wept at the first hint of trouble and needed the male to do the comforting. The foreigners (two South American types: one singing folkloric tunes to a guitar; the other with eyes rolling only for the diamonds). You wonder what the foreign actors and the women made of their parts in 1960. Fortunately, it is all now part of a lost world.


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