June 7: my new shorts

A nice pair of shorts is difficult to get for summer. They tend to be too long, too tight, too branded. I found a pair on line that looked all right and ordered them. It’s always a bit of a risk but they weren’t expensive. I arranged to pick them up at AppleGreen which is a pick-up centre in the Greggs-cum-service station near the Tesco. I popped in this morning on the way to work. Imagine my surprise when they gave me an enormous package. After all, I’m only 33 waist. I said it’s only a pair of shorts! but the woman in AppleGreen said that’ll be the packaging. They always over-pack it. I lugged it into work and opened it there when I had a moment. Of course, it wasn’t a pair of gentleman’s city shorts, it was two pairs of white addidas trainers and a lumberjack shirt. My heart sank. Not because of the erroneous order but because I had ripped open the package, which, not being used to the on-line world, I would now have difficulty repackaging to send back. Now I am lugging these items around town and will see what I can do tonight. It is indicative of my relatively cloudless life that dealing with this erroneous order casts a thick shadow on the day. Rubbish really. At least there is no tube strike today, as there was yesterday, so you will not see me hopping form one bus to another with two pairs of unwanted trainers and a lumberjack shirt. That would probably have made for a better story.


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