July 25: feet

When you look down to your feet they seem a long way off, especially if you haven’t got your lenses in. You can feel like one of those enormous plant-eating dinosaurs with a small brain in the head and another one in the tail. I knew my feet weren’t great, which is why I went to see the chiropodist a couple of weeks ago. She confirmed I had a fungus on eight of my toe nails. This fungus has come up on me over the last two or three years making the nail yellow and brittle. I had the choice of pills from the doctor or a varnish over the counter. So now I am coating my nails every evening after washing them in a bucket. We will note the evolution. The shifts in the details of the human body that operate over the summer are a source of micro-pleasure or distress: the accelerated growth of eyebrow hair; the skin blooming rosy initially then settling down; the urge to nap. My feet are my great unloved. I had reckoned it was time I gave them some attention. Bits were dropping off them. Just because they are a few feet away from my eyes I shouldn’t ignore them.


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