December 23: the art of war

We have had an attack of forid flies. That may be that word. I can’t remember. And it may be them or maybe something else. I first noticed these small black marks on the side of the sink in the morning when I was shaving. I think they were the eggs or baby flies. Then we noticed little flies like fruit flies in the flat. They couldn’t be fruit flies bacause there was no exposed or rottibg fruit. Then we thought they were coming from a camelia plant under the bathroom window outside in the courtyard. We moved that to the other side of our little space. No change. Now we think they are these forid flies, which come from down your sink breeding and multiplying on organic matter in the drain. Today we are pouring destructive liquid down the sink to destroy their homes and spraying fly spray to kill their active forces. We hope this will work. You may recall our destruction of an ant colony in the kitchen wall. There we got the outlying ants and scouts to take back luscious material to their civilization, like a Wooden horse, and so destroy their city of gold. This campaign is more in the manner of a siege. The next few hours will be critical. It is F-Day. It will decide whether it is us or they who enjoy that Christmas dinner a couple of days from now.

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