20 April: the gatekeeper

Before the UK Power Networks stands a gatekeeper. To this gatekeeper comes a man from the city and requests dialogue with the UK Powernetworks, for he has this buzzing in his flat which was certainly coming from a faulty substation in the Montford Place substation and was stopping him from sleeping nights. But the gatekeeper explained that dialogue was almost certainly imposssible with anyone in authority. The only people he could put the man from the city through to were the PR people. Even the man from the city knew that this was a waste of time. The gatekeeper explained that a scout could be sent out to the substation but that the scout had only limited authority and could only penetrate the outer wall of the substation and had no real competence to examine the problem. For that an engineer would be required and because of Coronavirus engineers were not available. The man from the city asked whether after Coronavirus an engineer would be able to come and repair the problem. The gatekeeper said that enginners never showed themselves. Why, he himself had only ever once seen a real engineer and that was through a keyhole and it wasn’t even sure it was a real engineer, it could have been a mere scout. The man from the city continued to ask favours of the doorkeeper but the doorkeeper continued to guard the door. This was only the first doorkeeper. After him the next gatekeeper was twice as strong and after him there was another one even more formidable, so there could be no hope of getting through to where the engineers were. After  a long time the man from the city grew weary. The light in his eyes dimmed and he was reaching his end. He gathered up all his strength to ask a final question. But you are insatiable, said the gatekeeper. what do you want to know now? With his final breath the man from the city mumbled: How is it that in all this time I am the only one who has tried to gain access through the gate to the UK Powernetworks? The gate keeper recognized the man was breathing his final breath and explained to him: No-one else could be granted access through this gate for it was intended for you and you only. I am now going to close it?

Yes, I have problems getting through to UK Power Networks to fix the noise that is stopping me sleeping every night. I feel I understand Kafka more and more every day.









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