February 16: that top of bus stairs look

My idea for a photography exhibition. You are on the top deck of a bus. The bus is nearly full. At each bus stop people are coming up the stairs and at they top they swivel round to see if there are seats on the upper deck. In one moment they try and take it in and decide if they are going to stick or twist; go back downstairs or forage along the aisle upstairs to find a seat. That moment of mixed curiosity, indecision and hesitation, when you get people at their most alert. It’s that top of the bus stairs look.

To do this, you’d have to take the snap and catch them off their guard; then ask them for their permission; then take their email to send them the pic. It would be an intense twenty minutes on the 59 bus. Then you’d print all the pictures and mount them in an exhibition, inviting all the people from the 59 bus along. That way you’d make a set of friends on the same bus route. They’d come along to the exhibition private view on a Thursday night and a get a free glass of proseco. There you go. Art in the community. Feel free to run with it, but invite me to the drinks as concept from peoplearerubbish.com


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