January 12: our favourite asteroid

Sixty -five million years ago when that asteroid hit the earth and killed off the dinosaurs most discernable life on earth was annihilated. Gradually, over millions of years, things started to develop. The forests regrew and for millennia went unmunched because no creatures of any size could live.There were blind snakes that lived under ground. Strange creatures evolved. Huge burrowing moles, the size of an elephant. Tall creatures with three metre skulls and long necks like giraffes, but with wings.

At the end of all this, the last full stop of a massive tome, came man. And we seem to be on the way out. In what way are we cleverer. In districts of China research is underway to develop flying motor-cycles, presumably so you can get your pizza or your noodles delivered a bit quicker to your armchair. A drone will soon do all these personalized deliveries. Just eat, you fat bastard! Millions of instants of hyper-egotism characterzse our world. Now do you understand me when I tell you that people are rubbish. Happy 2020.


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