September 19: big luggage people

Thinking back after a long period of travel this summer it is mostly the issue of luggage that lingers. I try to travel light and am constantly amazed by the size of the luggage that sit next to mine in train compartments. My poor little knapsack is dwarfed by huge monoliths on wheels. And yet I am travelling for over three weeks in forest, mountain, lake, city and beach locations. What do they put in their bags that they should swell so? Let’s talk underwear. I wear a pair and take three. Socks. I wear a pair and take two. One pair of trousers and a pair of shorts. A couple of t-shirts and a long sleeved shirt. A small towel. Swimming trunks. Toiletries. A kindle. Very little else. What are big luggage people doing? An underwear a day and no washing on the hoof? Thick-tomed novels? Great vanity cases of face creams and manicure sets. Computers, of course. Life without screen is unenvisageable. Can you imagine this? No screen for over three weeks. No Boris Johnson. No mention of the word proroguing. When I got back it had taken over the word and everyone was pretending they had always prorogued. You come back to a new world. In short, it was a holiday.

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