July 28: oval tesco

My local Tesco has closed down and been replaced with a temporary store. They are going to knock down the old Tesco because they want to build a higher-rise block there and make a lot of money from apartments in what they are terming the new Oval quarter. They had to choose this name because Oval village had been taken by an area not that close to Oval. But oval makes a good word to have on the front of your new residential area. I walked past the old Tesco the other day and looked in through the glass. Inside, it is empty now; aisles still subsist, but there are no reasons for them; shelves are gathering dust. It is a ghost store now. All the familar faces gone. My old complaints about the old Tesco seem trivial. They don’t stack up against the facts, the facts being that I was always in there picking up stuff, a wodge of cheese, milk, carrots, disposable razors. Tesco was actually my best friend. Now the criticims seem churlish. Now that Teso has been terminated, its life system unplugged. Soon the demolition will begin and the world can get on with the job of building the Oval quarter and producing more of those executive flats that nobody can afford.


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