April 13: embrace the randomness

I have a prejudice that, no matter how I try and shrug it off, adheres to me. It is my feeling that when someone ages prematurely this aging process derives from some kind of moral flaw. Nonsense of course. When people ask me how I’m looking so well (this has happened, I assure you) I say jokingly it is because of moral thoughts. Is this much more than the notion of spiritual or even worse inner peace having a hand in keeping you looking well on the outside. Probably not. These notions, like my notion, are pretty fascist. The truth is that life can ravage your packaging, dent your capsule, no matter how whole or harmonious you feel on the inside. Whips and scorns can break you no matter how many blueberries you eat. The constant refrain that we have the choice of this and that, that we make our own destiny (a deluded Capitalist lie) is not freedom at all because it flies in the face of everything we experience and see about us. Embracing the randomness is actually the greatest manifestation of your freedom.


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