August 23: two gods are better than one

It all started to go wrong with monotheism. One god controlling us all; one world view; one way of doing things. It was so much better with the multiple gods of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome with their suite of gods of the hearth and home, for love, for communication. It was even nice that you could create your own gods. Emperor Augustus given an upgrade. Caligula giving himself a (maybe premature) upgrade. The more you spread the power the better. In fact, so called primitive beliefs and superstitions often do a good job. I remember many years ago someone asked me where and when I was born. A week later she gave me a cassette with a 90 minutes analysis of my sun sign, rising sign, the situation of the moon and planets at the time of my birth. For the first time I was described as “difficult”. I had never seen myself as “difficult”, always seen myself as a simple open type. Just the proposal of another pointed alternative struck me hard. It made me look at my life in a different way. We do not have ways of looking at ourselves; we need a filter to examine our own behaviour. There are other ways of doing it. Reading a novel you live a vicarious life via the adventures of a protagonist. Identifying or not identifying with a character in a film. Subconsciously, through this process of identification, we undertake an auto-analysis. Without these filters it is difficult. Astrology is useful fun. Much more useful than the notion of the one Big Brother god.

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