June 23: time lag glamour

Johnny Depp is getting some bad press from ‘The Daily Mail’ I see. He’s looking bad; he’s drinking too much; there is rocknroll: drugs are involved; some are not soft. Pictures show him looking his age: sometimes drawn, sometimes flabby. We are surprised because normally we see him in films on the telly where he looks Peter Panish. But, of course, many of the films we see repeated constantly on Film 4 or on the Movie Channel are twenty years old. This is time lag glamour and all film stars are subject to it. Once I saw an old man on the tube and I thought that must be Jonathan Millar’s dad until I realised it was Jonathan Millar himself. i was just used to seing him as he had been in the 70s and 80s. I say all this because I saw Grant Mitchell of old Eastenders fame in Victoria Station the other day. What struck me was that he looked like Grant Mitchell, not Grant Mitchell’s dad, or even Phil Mitchell. He looked like himself. It was very unreal.


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