June 2: on the curve

I bumped into one of the directors of my appartment building yesterday who urged me, not for the first time, to register to the building facebook page to receive all the latest information about what’s happening in my block. I responded with a knowing raise of the eyebrow, as if to say Facebook? No thank you. Surely that has become contaminated now. All that data hoarding and deployment is making Facebook look distinctly old school. And for the first time I felt that rather being behind the curve with my distrust of social media I was actually ahead of it. In fact, my sceptical world view which has not changed over the years is making me say all the right things for once. The other day someone told me I should ‘get on board’ about some new movement or other and I found myself telling them that getting on board, as he put it, was exactly what you don’t do. You take a critical look at any movement and stay off the vehicle over which you have no control. On board is the last place you want to be with anything. Could it be that I am ahead of the curve. Even the old-style shorts and sunglasses I have been wearing for years seem to have come full circle. Could it be that by some unlikely conjunction of events I find myself, for the first time in my life,actually on the curve. But don’t quiz me too closely; this curve-balancing act won’t go on for long.


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