February 10: ant bait

I got ants in a cupboard. People were surprised when I told them. It normally happens in Summer, they said. It must have been the top shelf with all the recent cake-making ingredients: various types of sugar (caster; icing; golden); flours (self-raising or idle); syrup and treacle; chocolate bits. Anyway, there were little detachments of ants making their way vertically down the cupboard unit. Intrepid scouts out in search of new territories invading various surfaces. They had even made the giant leaps across the grand canyon floor onto the table top on the other side of the kitchen.
I was told about ant bait. You set it down. They taste of it and find it good and so bring it back to their colony where the queen herself and her drones taste of the nectar. It kills them in their own home decimating the colony. The next day after application of the bait there was not an ant to be seen. They had all gone home to the back of the wall to die. I imagine their civilisation wrecked. Where there was life now was only death and decay. The pillars and topless towers fallen on one side. Boundless and bare the lone and level sand stretching far away. So was it for the ancient Sumerians. So will it be for us.
You wonder how the superior beings will destroy our humanoid colonies. What treasure would we bring back to our hearth and home only for it to destroy us where we feel we are most at ease? What technology concocted to bring joy into our hearts? Information? Communication? These twin nectars? Boundless Info-cation. The fruit of the tree of knowledge withheld from us from day one, or, rather, day eight. I always saw God the father’s interdiction as a terrible autocratic edict of enslavement. Now I am starting to get the idea.


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