June 7: fat man thin dog

Saw a fat man with a thin dog in the park today. The fat man had let the thin dog off the leash and the thin dog had strayed and was doing his number two business on the grass. The fat man was some way off, with his mind on other things, no doubt planning where his next pork pie was coming from. No, that’s not fair. He could just as easily have been weighing up the pros and cons of Wittgenstein’s theories of language. Does it make sense for a fat man to have a thin dog? Or a thin man to have a fat dog? Or are you more of a fat man fat dog person? With its inevitable mirror image; the thin man thin dog. Does the thin dog expend all the calories that the fat man just stores? I mean, in a household, a certain number of things just need to be accomplished and if the fat man isn’t doing them, then somebobody or something must be. The thin dog does the work for two. The same debate arises in couples. Do couples tend to mirror each other, or, like Jack Sprat and his wife, play opposing roles and so cover all bases. I am mostly a proponent of the like attracts like theory. It stands to reason. You’ll have more in common, more to say to each other. I also think it makes more sense for you to be attracted to types that resemble you rather than opposites. What does it say about your sense of self if your partners are always polar extremes? Although you might say it denotes ambition, the willingness to explore distant territory. Anyway, nobody tidied the poo away. The fat man went back to his Wittgenstein and the thin dog hurried home to get on with the hoovering.


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