May 1: famous people I have taken against for no apparent reason

We take against some famous people for no apparent reason. In the same way, I suppose, as we like some famous people for no apparent reason. Desperate people like famous people a lot. They like a lot people they don’t know. It makes no sense. I, to give myself my due, do not do this. I am indifferent to celebrities and film stars. Pop stars have never done it for me. They are mostly pathological show-offs. I do not, then, have a positive reaction to such people. They are not objects of fantasy. However, there are famous people I can take against. David Tennant has never done anything against me. I am sure he is a decent enough actor and human being, but I cannot have him in my range of vision. What it might be with him is that he seems to behave in a way that I recognise (when he is being interviewed, not when he is acting, I mean) and so should really have a place in my quotidian life and not on the small screen. Steven Fry I don’t like because I feel for some strange Masonic reason that the media give him an easy ride. Even unattractive elements in his personality are presented as likeable traits. He can’t lose. It is the same with Kate Moss. Then there’s James Cordon. He is getting a pretty easy ride too. That’s the America factor. British people who do well in America are untouchable. This is because of our chip on the shoulder. Me not liking these people is all illogical. I just take against them. Being irritated by people for no apparent reason is just a way in which my personality gets to spread its wings.

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