January 29: my brown socks in dreams

In my dream I was explaining to someone (it is always me doing the explaining in dreams, desperately making it up as I go along) about how this particulat mirror functions. It retains the images of you over time like a photo album and you can flip back and see how you were reflected in it over the years. I knew when I woke up that this dream was a reference to the preoccupation I had about rewearing a pair of brown socks I had worn the evening before. Normally I will change socks every day but these socks I had only put on in the evening, so I thought I’d give them another chance to shine on Sunday morning. What the connection was between a mirror with the faculty to accumulate images and the micro-anxiety about rewearing a pair of brown socks was something to do with the process of going back to something from the day before, being able to reconnect with it. This abstract, functional reworking is how I instinctively feel dreams work for me; they recreate the past through an abstract metaphorical translation with no respect to how demotic or trivial the preoccupation or dream version of the event is. It is a democratic forum where high and low register rub equal shoulders. Anyway, don’t worry, I’m just wearing the brown socks for the daylight hours.


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