November 26: worshipping at the altar of other people’s holidays

When people come back from holiday, other people, they force you to worship at the altar of their holiday. You are obliged to listen to their litany, touch the relics that they bring back with them, pay hommage to their fetiches (photos on the ipad). You have no participation in the litany; your responses are limited to isolated Amens for you were not there; you cannot contradict and it would be blasphemy to tell of your own life in its unsanctified, mundane surroundings. The time period for worship is a week or two and then the holiness dies away. Sometimes, many years later, stories arise that the pilgramage was not as sacred as it had been portrayed; they actually hated it, or had a shit time, but then it is too late. You have already been tricked into unfair worship.

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