August 24: the fun fair has arrived

The fun fair has arrived in Kennington Park. You would think that for someone who wrote the 13 April 2016 poat on the Circus of the Imagination that this would be a source of rejoicing. But this is Benson’s Fun Fair. Now I do not know who Mr Benson is, but his fun fair which will be taking over half the park for ten days, the last days of summer, is a paltry affair. At least in a provincial travelling circus there is the promise of some scabby lad and his sister on a trapeze and the ten thousand hours of practice that honed their craft to something that pays less than minimum wage, if it pays at all. In a fun fair the scabby lad and his sister have no particular talent or training at all. The park that was beginning to smell like a late summer botanical garden will now smell of chips.

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