June 20: amazing words

There was a piece on the Internet the other day about the ten words you shouldn’t use as they reveal your weaknesses. These were were maybe, perhaps, actually, might, honestly, literally and four others I can’t remember. All words that reveal a sense of doubt or hesitation or playing for time. If we were living in The Wolf of Wall Street world doubt or hesitation might be seen as weakness. In the real world such sentiments are mostly good things.

My three words to be always avoided are 1. amazing  2. unbelieveable  3. passionate. These are the words that express the enthusiasm or delight that we hear from television interviewees when they are invariably asked by televion interviewers to reveal how they feel. My advice to them. Just spend ten minutes thinking about a word other than amazing or unbelieveable to express your feelings about the atmosphere at, say, Euro 2016. These words might be bemused, alienated, contingent or perhaps even an entire phrasal construction of the type curiously distanced  from the euphoria as I am mainly concerned about finding a way of putting the ball in the back of the net but happy that so many people are having a good time in their own way as long as this does not get out of hand.


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