April 13: the circus of the imagination

Somebody said I should see the Cirque du Soleil, their acrobats are amazing, and I pulled a face. I am not interested in seeing this type of circus which is a massive multi-national corporate franchise. For me, it is not what the circus is all about. For me, the circus is about backward, twisted, inbred circus families; wild animals kept in small cages and subjected to terrible cruelty; an acrobat sister and brother who have no schooling, are unable to read and write, filthy and know nothing of the digital world; Victorian poverty; strange corrupt interface with similarly outdated landowners who grant them their pitch. This, for me, is the romance of the circus. I am, of course, unable to express such fantasies in our real world; people would hate me. And so, it must exist only as the circus of the imagination. How many alternative cruel worlds do we all retain in the vault of our imagination?


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