October 29: king of kings syndrome

Yesterday I needed a box to put an object in. It was the main quest of the day. The object was a gift, so the box needed to be semi-decorative. I found it in the end. Got the right size and put my object in the box. The object is itself a receptacle. Now I need some wrapping to contain the box and then a suitable bag to contain wrapping, box and receptacle. It is a Russian doll business, as so many things are these days. Some people love this. They put their packet of tea in a tea tin which goes into a special transparent box that contains all hot beverage. Or when they are out in town they put their umbrella in a bag and that bag into another bag.
When I lived in Paris working for a company that contained about ten people, people who trained people, I was at one time made formateur des formateurs or trainer’s trainer. This was a case of what I call king of kings syndrome. King of kings syndrome exists in business. You are reponsible to someone who is responsible to someone who is responsible to someone else. We all fit inside each other like Russian dolls. You may be king of kings, but are you king of king of kings? And in private life when we organise our state of being we like to put things in boxes too. I have done it myself with my tank theory of human happiness now very popular in the self-help communities. The question is when you put your life into boxes, what do you do when something doesn’t fit perfectly into the box that your conscious self has supplied. The unconscious is so much stronger than the conscious. If they were twins the unconscious would be the first out of the womb. He would know all the tricks to get by. So all the real stuff, the intriguing stuff, doesn’t go into boxes at all. So even if you the king of kings of kings of kings, you are king of a kingdom of rubbish.


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