June 30: ice cream never occurs to me

Ice cream never occurs to me.
I stepped outside today – 32 degrees – and people had ice creams, cornets, lollies popsicles. These were methods of cooling off. They sat around on doorsteps and at bus stops. When the weather is hot you sit anywhere. And I thought: why does ice cream never occur to me? Maybe because I don’t love it. People love ice cream. It’s like fireworks. You say ice cream; you say fireworks. And they go Ahhhh! or Ooooo! I’m indifferent to both of them. Fireworks are a real pain because they entail you standing around in streets late at night But on a hot day… ice cream… why not? So I went to Tesco and looked in their big fridge just along from the oven chips. I bought 8 (eight) choc ices (£1) and 4 (four) cornetto-style ice creams (£1). At that price you can afford to waive your indifference for a day. Anyway, two cornettos and one choc ice later I’m remembering why I don’t love ice creams. I don’t even like them. I think I needed to have just one, a single old fashioned one sitting on a doorstep somewhere. A Choc-top Whizz or something with hundreds and thousands on it. And pay more for it! £3.99! A proper price. Now all those ice creams are sitting in my freezer rubbing shoulders with the kidnies I bought about two months ago.

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