June 18: talks

They are having more talks about the Greek debt in Luxemburg today. The Greeks have to pay one and a half billion euros by the end of the month and they say they won’t. The IMF and the EU say they must. So they are having talks. Talks can go on for days. Mostly there is no resolution. They all go home and then, a few days later, come back to another Eurovision song contest city and resume talks (resume is the word they use). Talks have been going on for months. They resume a lot. Just what exactly they are really talking about is never revealed. We are supposed to be satisfied with the word talks. Now, when I have a debt with my friend Jim (let’s say I owe Jim a fiver) and we have talks, Jim says pay us that fiver back you bastard and I say no way Jim and he says go on and I say I can’t and he says I bet you can, you’ve given it to Julie, get it back from her and I say I can’t coz she needs it to buy a new pair of stockings and so Jim says all right I’ll let you off for now. But when the EU and the IMF and the Greeks have talks they must talk about more stuff but, for the life of me, I can’t think what bacause the Greeks have used those billions to pay for Greek pensions and stuff and don’t want to give it back. Julie won’t give her stockings back; she needs them. I sometimes try and imagine the EU and the IMF and the Greeks in some big room in Luxemburg, but when I try and think how they spin the debate out for hours, I just can’t. They must be very clever.

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