March 26: richard III part two

Today is the day for burying Richard III or Richard Crookback as Shakespeare called him in Henry VI part 3 which (little piece of useful information) is where a lot of the good Richard III quotes come from. Of course, nowadays he’s not crookback but a-minor-spinal-deformation-which-may-not-have-been-visible-when-he-had-his-armour-on-back. I vowed not to follow it but you turn the radio on and it’s there. Two women from Northern Ireland in full medieval garb who are quote big Richard fans unquote. The reporter didn’t ask whether they preferred his early work or his late stuff. The second album can often be a disappointment. Maybe they liked his back catalogue. It also turns out that Peter Snow from Richard III Part one is related to Richard III. No wonder he was so excited.
The big news today is that Benedict Cumberbatch (or is it Dominic) is coming to the funeral. You can’t keep him away from anything these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Clare Balding too. And Sir Hoy to keep the Scots interested. And Stephen Fry. He could hand out the Richard III gongs. And the prize for the best sneaky aside goes to… And then Jeremy Clarkson might try and muscle in with the Henry Bolingbroke heavies.
By the way, turns out Benedict Cumberbatch is also related to Richard III. He would be. And in any case he’s going to play Richard III on stage soon, so he’s going there for research purposes. I bet he puts the trip to Leicester down as tax deductible and all. These celebrities. Wouldn’t have happened in Richard’s day. He’d have had you in the Tower for so much as a dodgy business lunch recipt. Or would he? The debate about Richard continues to rage. This is Peter Snow live from Leicester Cathedral.
PS: I wonder if I’m related to Richard III.

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