December 25: xmas with my olde dad part two

I am sitting on the sofa in the extension part of the living room trying to read and I can hear my brother talking with my olde dad in the living room proper. My brother says: do you still take yourself to the barbers? There is a silence while my olde dad tries to understand the question. I too try and understand the question. I shout out from my sofa: What are you talking about? How else can he get his hair cut if he doesn’t take his own head there! Nobody can take his head there for him, can they?

My brother perisists:

– Do you still go to the barbers in the market square?

– What market square?

– The market square next to Crown Point.

– I don’t know where you mean.

– The square next to Crown Point where they used to have a market.

– What?

– In that square where they have a fountain next to Crown Point.

– Ah!

– Where they have a fountain.

– What?

– They have a fountain in that square.

– Do they?

– Do you still get your hair cut in that square near Crown Point where they have a fountain?

– No. I have hair cut in market square.

– That’s what I was saying.

– No no, I go to market square to get hair cut.

– That’s what I was saying.

– No I go to market.

My brother gives up. I return my eyes to my reading matter.


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