December 10: la rue des boutiques obscures and lidl

I left my book in Lidl on Saturday. I had it in my jacket pocket and must have transferred it to the blue moulded plasic holders they have before forgetting it at the bottom when I was packing all my stuff up at the till. Or maybe I left it on the conveyor belt.
it was ‘la rue des boutiques obscures’ by Patrick Modiano. I went back today but it was gone, definitively snapped up by some discerning house wife or husband. I imagined it appearing amongst the cold cuts, rubbing shoulders with the frankfurters and smoked gammon, another innovation from this German market-leader. It is particularly annoying as I had nearly finished the book and now have to decide if I am willing to fork out another £8 for a mere 20 pages of unread text. I’m probably better off just chalking it down as a read book. Modiano is pretty enigmatic at the best of times. I’d probably be none the wiser if I completed it and I’ll probably best remember it as adrift somewhere amongst German staples and delicacies inthe Lidl of the mind. ‘La boutique des livres perdus’ is how I might retitle it. They didn’t have any rye bread either today. Which further proves how things are flying off the shelves at Lidl.

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