November 12: laden with considerable electrical fluids

I must be typical of an increasingly large share of the population for which there should be a name. We, this unnamed group, are all familiar with the name Dominic Cumberbatch for example (or is it Benedict Cumberbatch; I know the name is based on an order of monks) or Taylor Swift, because if you consume newspapers and news programmes even only slightly you cannot avoid them. However, we have not viewed any vehicles that the afore-mentioned personalities grace, their tv programmes, films or pop songs or videos. However, I know their opinions on subject matters that are to say the least tangential to their field of expertise. I’m looking for a name for this type of personality. They are personalities who for me and my group have no core meaning but a massive peripheral weight; they are insubstantial spirits laden with considerable electrical fluids. This is an increasing phenomenon of public presence. Poor Dominic Cumberbatch. Poor Taylor Swift. I’m sure that one day, when I find myself transported to some alien sitting room watching an episode of ‘Sherlock’ you will make the transition from phantom drenched in electrical fluids to real media flesh and blood, but for the moment you wait in the antechamber like some errant soul in an unappealing limbo.

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