August 16: If britain were a police state… or the hunger games

If Britain were a police state Clare Balding, say, would unwittingly be the Head of the Secret Police. She would say things like, This is an amazing Games. People are calling them the Friendly Games. She would ask questions like, How does it feel out there at the Friendly Games? and athletes would answer, Amazing! Sometimes they would add to this, saying, The atmosphere is amazing! Then Clare Balding might say, Are these Games important and relevent? and the right answer would be, Yes, they are both important and relevent. And they are amazing too. Or perhaps awesome. But Clare wouldn’t be the only one officiating over this police state. For example, there would be many ex-athletes and sports stars like Sir Hoy who would interview athletes and ask them how they are feeling and they’d say amazing and then he’d ask, What is the crowd like? and the athletes would say, They are amazing. Sir Hoy used to be an athlete himself . Now he has fortunately become a corporate mouthpiece. If there was dissent, like someone saying the Games were s— or not as good as some other games, this would quickly be excised by the police state and the person who mistakenly said this thing, because he is fortunately a corporate mouthpiece too now, though he is a corporate mouthpiece for himself. There would be another interview and this time the Games would be amazing or awesome again.

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