March 8: they can’t touch you for it!

I am, I realise, mostly unwilling to deviate in my virtual life from my general behaviour in my real life. Let me explain this. When I play chess or fantasize or invent stories I am unwilling to let the protagonists of my consciousness deviate from what my normal behaviour would be. That sounds as if I have no imaginative capacity to push away from my habitual functioning. This might be true. It might also be true that I am taking these fictional characters that partake of me so seriously that I refuse to invest them with unrealistic behaviour.

Recently I have thought about experimenting. In chess I see that the only way to be successful is by playing aggressively from the start. This goes against my natural instinct. Equally, it might be an idea to give the characters in a piece of writing that partake of me (I separate characters in stories into two categories: those who are bits of the writer/reader and those who aren’t)  action that places them outside the usual realm of my actions. What the hell! Let’s push the boat out. As they used to say, they can’t touch you for it!

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