December 30: happiness, choice, families, community.

Happiness is problematic. Macdonalds claims to be interested in spreading happiness. As an adjunct it is also interested in spreading bad eating habits, and what it is mainly interested in is making money. The problem with happiness as an aspiration is that other stuff is smuggled through along with the happiness. Happiness must be the most popular vehicke for this kind of smuggling.

Choice. To have choices you need to belong to a certain culture, live in a certain place and probably have some money too.

Families. They are always hard-working and have certain values. Families are not a value in themselves.Do we ever talk of Fred West’s family values?

Community. Are communities ever negative? Do we talk of the Nazi community?.Probably a word best avoided, as its connotations have overpowered its basic meaning.

I suppose choice and family are right-wing preoccupations, but community is probably left-wing.

And I can’t escape using the word happy.

I suppose words are just stained.

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