December 18: what is Truth? a winter conversation.

Here’s how a coversation goes in winter.

– There’s another Antarctic expedition in the news, I see.

– Or is it the Arctic?

– What are the differences between the North and South Pole anyway?

– Good point. There’s features article for you.

– Or a board game fro Christmas. Forget your Kendall Mint Cake, go back three squares.

– And Prince Harry’s been out there.

– That was big news.

– Snow’s big.

– Do you remember a few years ago when you had to have the word snow in the title of any book for it to sell?

– I tried reading one.

– Good?

– Snow can’t shift the story forward. Just comments on it. It’s a pathetic fallacy.

– Yeah, Pathetic. Unless you have an avalanche. That could shift the story.

– Could shift the snow. Do you know that the Innuits…

– Eskimoes.

– The Innuits have over one hundred words for snow.

– That’s not strictly true. It’s just that in the Eskimo language…

– Innuit.

– In the Eskimo language adjectives are integrated into the noun. So you have ‘fluffy-snow’, ‘slushy-snow’, ‘thick-snow’, ‘icy-snow’ and so on.


– Did you just make that up?


– Maybe. I may have read it somewhere.


– Do you just make stuff up in conversations?


-Yes. But after all, as Pilate says in St John’s Gospel ‘What is Truth?’

(This, by the way, is a good way to end all conversations on top. The best line in any gospel where Pilate not only out-herods Herod, he also out-Jesuses Jesus in fancy oblique comeback.)

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