August 9 money is time

We can all fight against the fetichisation produced by unthinking Capitalism. The inane mantra that ‘time is money’ can be inverted to ‘money is time’, through which you put greater value on your life than on your Halifax cash Isa. Equally, I like to say that for people with well paid, time consuming jobs money has ceased to be a currency that has any value. If you do not have time or energy to consume, the money in itself has no function. It is a mere fetish. On the same theme, I read about the money shredding alarm clock this week. This clever device will tear up your bank notes if you do not get up and out of bed prompto. Your early morning will play out the debate between Time and Money in high dramaturgical form. Of course, we are so rubbish. I dare say you have to put notes into the alarm clock the night before, a requirement many will not respect.

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