August 15: the answer should be implicit

I did another survey. It must be survey season. This one was Mori Ipsos. There was a phone call out of the blue. Would I do a survey on my personal finance? The man had a fruity voice. Why not? I was hoping to get paid but no money was mentioned. They phoned me back at 4 pm but it was n’t the man with the fruity voice; it was a woman with an accent I could never quite understand. I had to keep asking for her to repeat the question, like an proper old-timer. I answered no to most of her questions.They had said the survey might take about 45 minutes. I’d wrapped it up after 20 minutes because of my negatives. Did I have a credit card? No. Did I have Life insurance? No. Did I have a smart phone? No. I said I bet that’s the first time anybody’s said no to that one? The woman grinned back, thinking what a freak! What kind of a pension did I have? No idea. Would I be taking out an annuity whenI retired? Haven’t thought about it. What kind of car insurance did I have? Don’t have a car.  Do I invest in stocks and shares. Nope. Do I have an Isa? No Siree. Then finally, do I think I manage ny finances well? Answer Yes. There was a pause on the end of the line. How could I manage my finances well if I didn’t have all their shit? The answer should be implicit, I think. Oh, and their first question was: what am I? Male? Female? Other? A different tack from the ONS.

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