July 27: a week with my olde dad part four

The plan was to get him playing chess again. He used to about thirty years ago. So I sat him down and tried to get him interested. It’s all gone out of my head, he said. That’s all right, I said. We’ll put it all back into your head. But I could see his eyes roving round, looking for a way out. His eyes rove around when he watches the telly now. They don’t focus on it. The go looking for the bits of the room where the least is happening. Crannies and patches of empty air. After a minute he says he’s got a heaache and makes his escape. The chess plan is not going to work.
Last night the lamp in his room stopped working. This was a big problem because he likes it on when he goes to sleep. In the end we just pulled the curtains back to let the lights of the street in. This morning I went to Morrisons and bought some bulbs bu twhen we put one in the lamp still wasn’t working. He is fascinated by why it still isn’t working and wants to show me how the electricity runs form the plug up the lamp to the bulb. This bores me. My eyes start roving round looking for a way out. My eyes go looking for bits of the room where the least is happening. I can’t fix wires. I come downstairs and sart playing with the chess on my own. He stays upstairs and keeps messing around with the wires.


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